Macbeth The Play

Macbeth The Play

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

                              The Lady Macbeth

              The character I have picked to write about from the play is Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is absolutely insane, she isn’t afraid of anything or anyone. You can tell that she doesn’t let anyone get in the way of what she wants/needs. I like this character because she’s a little on the crazy side. I don’t think her character really teaches anything but she represents greed and ambition. I picked her because of the things she does such as: deciding that she will be the one to kill Duncan and how she calls on evil to give her strength. She makes me laugh a little because of how creepy she can get. I feel the role that Lady Macbeth plays is a big part in the play. Without her, Macbeth would have never killed Duncan and the play would have gone nowhere. She plays a big role in influencing Macbeth.

As Macbeth becomes the king, I think that Lady Macbeth will do anything to keep him in that position. She may even go as far as to influence him to do more terrible things that could cause them to get into serious trouble. I think Lady Macbeth will soon feel remorse about what she has done and convinced her husband to do. When I was watching part of act 2, when the blood touched her hands, her emotions changed a lot. It is almost as if her eyes opened to what she had done and had noticed that it was the wrong thing. I feel like Lady Macbeth will have a harder time coping with the murder of Duncan than Macbeth because it was she who planned how Duncan should be killed. I think someone will find out that Lady Macbeth planned this, I also think things will not work out for her and Macbeth in the end. I really like this interpretation of Scene 5 in the First Act where lady Macbeth reads the letter from Macbeth about the witch’s prediction.

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